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When we think high quality, then we also consider our products' impact on the environment. Therefore, we support the development and creation of new solutions to companies working with various forms of energy, particularly alternative energy.

Natural resources for an alternative world
Our foam is based on MDI and is therefore also more energy and environmentally friendly than foam based on TDI.
Energy is an area where BPI is offering a variety of solutions and expertise within insulation, noise and vibration damping and protection of various components.


Wind Power
BPI is a trusted supplier for many companies working in the wind power industry. You can find our products both on the inside and outside of different wind turbine components. The products on the inside help to dampen noise and vibrations, while the products on the outside help to protect the components during transportation and construction. 


Solar Power
Within the solar industry, we offer solutions for the packaging and sealing of various components. 


Other types of energy
In our Specialities department you will find experienced consultants, who will create the optimal solution for you and your company.