Healthcare & Medico

One of BPIs strengths is our ability to produce items exactly according to your wishes – our expertise is within mattresses, covers and cushions, and much more. 

Professional support and advice
We understand the importance for our customers of having a supplier with a profound insight into the Healthcare and Medico industry, capable of acquainting themselves with the particular needs of the individual customer. Our staff has many years of experience in the development and production of foam for the Healthcare and Medico industry. This makes us a competent sparring partner, able to collaborate with the individual customer to create specific solutions.


Foam typically applied:
We offer a wide range of PU foam, which in combination with our sewing and welding competencies enables us to offer solutions such as PU coated covers for incontinence.


We know that not all needs and requirements are the same, therefore we also offer pressure relieving items that are designed and produced to the specific requirements of individual customers such as pressure relieving pillows and mattresses in PU foam (polyurethane foam).


As a standard, we produce:

  • HR foam (high resilience polyurethane foam)
  • CMHR foam (combustion modified high resilience polyurethane foam)
  • Viscoelastic PU foam, in the form of our own product TempraFlex® (temperature sensitive memory foam)


Products and solutions:

    Body close products

    • Electrodes for patient monitoring
    • Wound treatment
    • Fixing
    • Stoma
    • Incontinence
    • Orthosis and immobilisation

    Medical devices

    • High-end packaging

    Pillows and mattresses

    • Pressure relieving mattresses and pillows
    • Bariatric mattresses and pillows
    • Foam mattresses and pillows
    • Hospital mattresses
    • Positioning cushions
    • Anti-decubitus mattresses


    In our production, we prioritise flexibility as well as a short delivery time.


    A global supplier
    BPI is a global leader in the development and production of foam. We manufacture foam in our state of the art facilities and offer custom solutions in both moulded and cut foam.
    Our commitment to developing new innovative materials and products combined with our high quality means that our products are now sold in most countries around the world.
    We have our own R&D department with product specialists who contribute with knowledge and advice for developing new products. Consequently, we are available to become a part of your project from start to finish, irrespective of whether you wish to improve an existing product or develop a new one. BPI provides expert advice during all phases of the project.