Product Range

BPI’s standard product range comprises pressure relieving mattresses and pillows designed for the healthcare sector.

Anti-decubitus mattresses and pillows
We supply as standard anti-decubitus foam pillows and mattresses for the prevention of pressure sores.
To achieve optimal pressure relief, both pillows and mattresses are often constructed as a sandwich structure in several layers of
visco-elastic PUR (temperature sensitive polyurethane foam) and HR PUR foam (high resilience polyurethane foam).
Our anti-decubitus pillows and mattresses in
visco foam (memory foam)
are ideal as hospital mattresses. This is due to the pressure distribution properties of the foam and the increased comfort it affords users who are confined to bed for a long time.
We also produce positioning cushions and anti-decubitus mattresses for hospitals and the healthcare sector.

Our standard mattresses and pillows can be fitted with fully welded waterproof and breathable
PU-covers (polyurethane). The cover is fitted with a zip for quick and easy removal and cleaning.
Bariatric mattresses and pillows
As part of the BPI product range we offer high quality bariatric mattresses and pillows for the prevention of pressure sores in bariatric patients.
The pressure relieving mattresses and pillows are constructed of several layers of PUR foam, which are combined as required.