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Through close and confidential collaboration with our customers, we develop, produce and deliver Medico foam for use in body close products for medical devices and high-end packaging.

Foam and better quality of life
To supply to an industry that has made some of the most significant advances in our time – namely the pharmaceutical industry – you need to be conscious of and prepared to comply with some exceptionally high standards.
Biotechnological research is considered to be one of the key development areas in society. This industry is one of BPI's most important segments. We place great emphasis on compliance with the requirements, specifications and regulations needed to supply the optimal product solution.

Product development
Companies that produce analytical equipment, disposable items or care products in the Medico market benefit greatly from our unique ability to develop solutions or applications that are at the very least as insightful and unique as the industry itself.
We know how countless foam and plastics work in combination with other materials, whether it is a matter of foam designed to protect the medico-technical equipment, included as a part of an end product – or even to protect the user and/or patient in order to provide comfort in physical medicine aids.
Our knowledge and development in this segment is characterised by specific customised solutions. Our customers benefit greatly from the distinct flexibility and adaptability of our production facilities, coupled with a comprehensive range of possible materials and qualities and not least logistics.