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We aim to create the best solution for our customer. No two products or solutions are alike. Our sales people are here to work together with you on a customized solution that fulfills all your requirements. 

Foam suitable for packaging
We have a very large variety of foams suitable for all sorts of packaging, e.g.: 

  • PE (Polyethylene) foam – a firm foam that is used mostly for product protection and for fastening things in their optimum position.

  • PU (Polyurethane) foam –  a soft foam that takes the shape of the product it is surrounding.

  • Setex® – bonded foam that is perfect for packaging heavy items. It is good at absorbing vibrations and shocks, while keeping the product protected.


Different solutions for different needs
All of our sales consultants have many years of experience creating the right solution for the customers. Here are some examples:

  • Presentation material and Gifts – we have many years of experience in producing foam solutions where the client's products are presented in the best possible way and fixated optimally. This is done with a CNC-produced solution where the foam is cut to fit exactly to the items placed in the foam.

  • Protective packaging – solutions that help to ensure that your product is safe and sound – also on arrival. 

  • Packaging solutions for electronic components – we have a wide selection of different ESD-safe foam qualities that can be processed after the customers need. To fragile components like: computer parts, glass, medical equipment etc. Protecting your product against vibration and shock while the product is firmly placed.


The right equipment
The combination of modern production facilities and extensive know-how enables us to produce complex and customized items to a high and uniform quality. We have substantial cutting capacity within the processing of foam that also includes processing on such automated CNC machinery as water jet cutters, roll and contour cutters, die-cutting and rotary die-cutting machines, splitting machines, milling machines, laminating machines, etc.