Sport & Leisure

  • blue sitting mats
  • blue sitting mats
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Life is easier with the right equipment. Therefore, we offer various types of foam solutions for Sport and Leisure. 

We create solutions according to customers’ needs. The following are examples of solutions we have made for the Sport and Leisure industry:

Using different types of soft foam, we have created mats in different sizes and thicknesses for various sports halls and schools. Most of our products can be covered with a durable and easy-to-clean fabric.


Foam protectors
Products to prevent injury during sport, such as trampoline edges, fighting ring posts, ball court edges, etc. We also manufacture products for body protection, such as knee pads, knee mats, protective suits, positioning kits, elbow pads, etc. 


Sleeping/sitting pads
We also offer foam to create sleeping or sitting pads solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. These products can be produced in various hardnesses and thicknesses to secure user comfort. 


Gymnastic equipment
We create solutions within various gymnastic equipment such as climbing walls, foam blocks, and landing mats.