Business Development

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Business Development manages projects for all new concepts, products and applications when there is a particular requirement for a completely new chemical or product-related composition.

Competent sparring partner
With more than 40 years' experience in the business, Bramming Plast Industri has accumulated extensive expertise in consulting, developing and producing advanced and complex solutions in foam and rubber materials. Close relationships with sub-suppliers and cooperation partners coupled with our own extensive knowledge of the market means that we are quick to spot the latest opportunities and trends in the industry.
BPI's commitment and desire to create is activated and focused when we are faced with special requirements and wishes for a new, innovative solution. We are characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit and culture of development. Therefore, even the most complex product challenges can be optimally framed to become unique solutions in our special department – Business Development.
The department possesses a wealth of know-how and expertise in product and material properties as well as a thorough knowledge of new manufacturing processes. It also guarantees the dedication of necessary resources and appropriate capacity for entirely unique development projects. We are fully committed to the development process and our support covers everything from idea to finished product.

Time to market
Our structured working method means that within a relatively short time, we become fully acquainted with our customers and cooperation partners and therefore can quickly assist them advance in their work. We accumulate knowledge and information from the tasks and use it to develop new solutions.
BPI attaches great importance to maintaining a high tempo throughout the process, from concept to finished product. The overall result is individualised and optimised in relation to ensuring the right product in the highest quality.
In our quest for the perfect solution, Business Development collaborates with other internal and external specialists from our primary core areas, depending on the nature of your company and its product requirements. Once your task has first found its way to Business Development and we have taken up the challenge, you can be sure that the process will be meticulously developed, managed and monitored from A-Z and that we will quickly and efficiently arrive at a satisfactory solution.