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Our extensive product range of moulded foam and block foam affords a wealth of exciting solutions for any design and style of contemporary design furniture.

Foam for Furniture & Design

Good solutions are the result of good innovative processes where we are your closest partner in developing the right furniture piece with high quality foam. The main difference from a traditional cooperation partner lies in BPI's strength in the value chain, in other words, our understanding of furniture and the requirements for achieving flawless design. Together we can achieve the best furniture and design solution. Find more about our competencies

Your sculptural freedom is our challenge – and we dare, will and can meet it.


Customised solutions for furniture

Cut foam
BPI produces, stock and develop a variety of block foam which can be applied to an array of products, such as pillows and cushions. We cut foam to sizes  e.g. to customer specifications and with narrow tolerances for the furniture industry - all of our foam material are chosen carefully to provide the optimum comfort and durability.

Moulded foam
The use of moulded foam creates endless possibilities for unique designs that blend flawless form with function. This is due to our unique moulding technique combining soft and hard polyurethane foam. Our many years of experience has made us specialist at developing complex furniture pieces in moulded foam.

Steel chassis
At BPI we develop and manufacture chassis for furniture in collaboration with our customers. Among others, we offer embedding of steel chassis and wood for upholstery. We make sure the complete process run optimally, and we can therefore assure our customers a good an durable design with the right finish. 

In addition to our competencies within cut and moulded foam, we also offer to bond foam items for you e.g. foam bonded with wadding and stockinet. In addition, we offer bonding of moulded foam to wooden frames which is then ready for upholstery. 

At BPI we offer a range of sewing solutions for our customers in materials such as textile and PVC. We are able to sew e.g mattress covers, bean bags, pillows, curtains and cushions. In addition, we specialise in several methods such as welding PVC and quilting textiles.

Foam products ideal for furniture


PurFusion® is a special technology and fushion product which unites flawless form with uncompromising comfort.  This technique makes it possible to create a unique solution for furniture items with endless design options. PurFusion® is a BPI produced material based on MDI and free of halogen. 



PurCore® is one of our own produced polyurethane foam well-suited for moulding, eg. furniture shells. This lightweight and form stable foam material bonds well to other surfaces and makes it possible to create almost limitless unique furniture designs. PurCore® is made of MDI material and is halogen-free.



PurFlex® is one of own produced polyurethane foam with high flexibility well-suited for furniture that requires optimum sitting comfort. This material is form stable and bonds very well to other surfaces, such as our PurCore® hard foam. PurFlex® is based on MDI materials and is halogen-free. 


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