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Moulded foam

Our many years of experience in the production of moulded design furniture has made us specialists in complex items such as complete moulded chairs of MDI-based foam.

Freedom to create unique design

We develop and produce moulded foam with out-of-the-ordinary properties for the furniture and design industry. The use of moulded foam offers almost unlimited possibilities for the furniture designer. This is due to a unique moulding technique which includes both soft and hard polyurethane MDI foam. The benefit is clear – shape and thickness of the desired furniture piece rarely pose a limitation when the right moulding technique is applied.


Our product range consists of 3 types of MDI-based foam which can be formed into individual designs and constructions.


Unique types of moulded foam

  • PurFusion® is a fusion product between PurFlex® and PurCore®. It is a unique technique exclusively mastered by the BPI. The manufacture of furniture shells using PurFusion® technology combines elements of design and comfort. Using such a technique enables us to create a unique solution with clean, sharp lines that meets the designer's requirements and adds exceptional quality to the furniture.


Sustainable and improved quality 
We focus on constantly raising the quality level and reducing negative impacts on the environment which is why we are among some of the first producers in Europe to utilise the new Low Emission raw materials in its production of MDI-based foam.


The benefit is an environmentally friendly option compared to previously used raw materials and improved end-product quality.


We have always used MDI for manufacturing foam (both rigid and flexible) in our own production, thus opting out of using the more environmentally harmful alternative TDI.  Read more about Low Emission.


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