Product Development

It can be very rewarding to collaborate with an experienced  foam producer and product developer – we prioritise innovation and efficiency.

We develop together with you
At BPI, we have extensive experience in project management. We always collaborate closely with our customers when further developing existing products or developing completely new ones and preparing them for production. We develop products both as individual components for a piece of design furniture and as complete items of furniture in close cooperation all the way from concept to finished product.
Efficient production process
It pays to have an experienced product developer to manage the process when commencing a new development task.
We have our own team of educated design constructors, whose participation in the development process can be invaluable. The constructors can for example render new designs visible in 3D. In that way, our customers can immediately obtain a realistic visualisation of the finished product.
BPI's more than 40 years' experience coupled with our own foam production and close collaboration with selected sub-suppliers enables us to act as a total supplier for our customers.

Structured process
Our extensive know-how and many years of experience in the furniture industry makes us experts at managing development processes. We are always completely focused on the individual project to ensure that the customer achieves the best possible result while saving time in the development phase.
Our structured approach to customer specific projects ensures that essential decisions and deadlines are managed and observed.
By collaborating with BPI, you are assured an experienced, innovative and development-oriented project manager.