Picture of two armchairs

Steel Chassis

Our high degree of competence and modern furniture production afford you a wealth of possibilities. We offer among others embedding of steel chassis and wood for upholstery.

We prioritise your needs 
At our modern factory in Poland we produce among others embedding chassis for furniture.
Our employees work professionally with a strong emphasis on quality and precision. We prioritise our customers' wishes, realising their particular needs with a focus on design and functionality.

We make it easy for you
Once the chassis – complete with springs, wooden mouldings, tilt fittings etc. – have been produced at our factory in Poland, they are forwarded to the moulding department.
The chassis should often be supplied with very narrow tolerances to fit the moulds. Consequently, we always conduct quality assurance controls of our work before the products leave the factory.
In this way, our processes run optimally and our customers are assured a good and durable product with the right finish. 

This combination of producing the chassis and moulding is unique in the market. BPI is responsible for and manages the entire process. This gives you the assurance of professional handling and production of furniture items, and all done through one contact.

3D visualisation
BPI employs design educated constructors to develop and prepare drawings based on information from the customer and architect.

The constructor visualises for the customer what the finished product will look like, thereby affording the customer a realistic view of the item which is approved prior to production.