Together with our customers, we create one of the best possible solutions for sound damping and proofing as well as vibration damping for eg. buildings, HVAC systems and production facilities.

Innovative noise reduction with foam

A low noise level is important for all humans well-being. Consequently, the demand for soundproofing materials in buildings is constantly increasing. BPI has always had a strong focus on sound damping as well as sound insulation. We cooperate with our customers to create individual solutions that are tailored to the specific task.


Our focus areas

For several years, we develop and produce technical foam which perform excellently within:

  • Sound damping
  • Soundproofing
  • Vibration damping 


For these purposes, we offer 4 types of our own produced, high-quality and long-lasting foam with damping qualities which can be used in all frequency scales.


Foam for soundproofing and damping

PureSound® is fire-retardant acoustic PU foam with open cell structure. This foam can be made as wall panels and is ideal for soundproofing and sound reduction in eg. buildings and constructions


Setex® is one of our own produced polyurethane foam composed of selected PU granular foam which are bonded together. This material can be made in a variety of densities and is suitable for sound damping.  


Foam for vibration damping

Setex® is a flexible bonded foam that is composed of a selection of granulated PU foam which is bonded together. This foam material can be used for sound damping – as well as vibration damping. 


VibraFlex® is a unique vibration damping PU foam (polyurethane foam) which is designed to dampen and absorbing vibrations for eg. constructions, buildings and flooring. 


VibraSetex® is elastic granulated foam (also known as bonded foam) of 100% VibraFlex® material. This material is intended mainly for vibration- and sound damping.