Seals and Gaskets

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We produce weatherstrips and gaskets specific to our customers needs.

We seal it tight

We know what it takes to secure a tight seal. Irrespective of whether it is for buildings, machinery or a specific product.

Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of self-adhesive weather strips, gaskets and profile tapes. Naturally, all can be produced to customer specifications.

Products which can be used for sealing

You can see product information about some of our foam and rubber types used for sealing here:


PE foam – Strong and flexible material used for packaging, heating and cooling insulation, sealing, etc.


PVC foam – Foam type with semi closed cell structure, in order to keep out light, air, dust and moisture.


Cellular rubber – Closed cell structure foam that is used mainly for isolating, sealing and shock absorption in industries like HVAC.


Polyester Q-Seal – Closed cell PU foam that is used mainly in windows as insulating material.


Solid rubber – Rubber material that is mainly used for packaging, flooring and dependent on needs, made out of different elastomers, such as EPDM or Nitrile.


Find more product information in our material guides