Thermal insulation

We offer foam and rubber materials customised to your wishes with some of the best insulation values in the market.

Unique solutions for better insulation

We offer a variety of foam, cellular rubber and sponge rubber for thermal insulation. We cut items to fixed dimensions as specified by the customer and subsequently pack and deliver the items in sets and installation-ready kits. The processed items are generally dust-free because of our unique processing methods. 


    InotanPUR® rigid foam insulation

    InotanPUR® are BPI produced plates and profiles in hard polyurethane cell foam. The material has one of the best insulation values in the market. 

    InotanPUR® is a unique PUR material which, with its particular insulating properties and lightness can be used for insulating among others buildings, windows and doors as well as HVAC systems, ships and refrigerated vehicles.

    The thickness of the material can be accustomised to your requirements, and this particular foam is ideal in areas where optimal insulation is required without compromising space 


    Typical applications

    Our material for thermal insulation can be applied in: 

    • Doors, windows and gates
    • Facades and walls
    • HVAC systems
    • Ships and refrigerated vehicles
    • and much more…



    Flexible thermal foam

    Projects which require flexible insulation can be solved with PE foam, cellular and/or sponge rubber etc. The products can be supplied as rolls or plates as required for the specific task.


    Other materials

    BPI processes materials other than foam, such as flexible expanded rubber – PE foam, which is used within thermal insulation and must conform to high standards e.g. the fire safety standard.



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