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Customer Service

At BPI Customer Service you notice the difference between standard service and the extra service required to exceed expectations.

Qualified advice and support
BPI’s customer service distinguishes itself first and foremost by the clear and unambiguous manner that they service our customers.
Even though this is a matter of course, our helpful and friendly staff still strive to ensure that our customers can notice the difference between ordinary service and the extra service required to exceed expectations;

  • Irrespective of whether you are making general inquiries, complaints, orders or anything else, you can be assured that we are focused intently on your particular requirements and aim to process your request professionally, expediently and proactively.


  • We do not sit passively waiting for you to call. We take the initiative if we see areas or solutions which in one way or another may benefit you.


  • Our customer service reaffirms your selection of BPI as a competent, trustworthy and reliable partner and also helps to generate confidence in our cooperation with you.


  • Customer service supports our sales department, so that we can meet your expectations for providing qualified advice and support.

We are always ready to take your call.