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We know that delivery on time is very important to our customers. Customer confidence is one of our focus areas. Consequently, a high standard for security of supply is also a matter of course for us and an area which is continuously measured and documented.

Security of supply
We continuously measure and document that we are meeting our requirements for security of supply and implement changes if necessary.
We always do our utmost to ensure optimum product flow to our customers. We do this through among others:

  • A flexible production system
  • Own foam production
  • all our production processes are managed in-house

Accordingly, we can quickly adjust production to address such requests as just-in-time delivery or urgent orders with a particularly short delivery time.


A reliable total supplier
We want to be a reliable cooperation partner to our customers and supply the right products of the right quality at the right time.


  • Lead time reduction

That is why we continuously strive to reduce the lead time throughout our supply chain – from the customer's order and the purchase of raw materials for our production to the effective planning and implementation of production to quality control, prepacking and final delivery to the customer.

  • Tailoring the complete value chain

We do not merely develop and manufacture customer-specific product solutions at BPI. We tailor all aspects of the value chain to the individual customer, from purchasing raw materials to ensuring a logistical solution that suits the customer's setup.


  • High degree of security of supply  

We have also always more than 300 different types of foam and rubber in stock. This ensures our customers a high degree of security of supply and a prompt start-up of tasks.

  • Close dialogue with customers

If production is affected by unforeseen circumstances that cause any delay, our overview and excellent communication with our customers ensures that any prioritising and adjustment happens in close dialogue with the customer, so delivery can take place as soon as possible.