Environment and Quality

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High quality with due consideration for the environment lies at the heart of BPI. We have state of the art production facilities, which ensure high and consistent quality. Our employees take pride in the fact that our products live up to our high quality standards.


Think green – it pays off
For BPI, a green mindset is not only a matter of environmental awareness and the challenges that presents for our company. For us, it is also a matter of efficiency and energy consumption. Also, we consider our customers' experience of quality of great importance, and we guarantee that our products always have a standard of quality that we would be proud to deliver. 



BPI is an environmentally conscious supplier, who aim to reduce the negative impacts of our production process through a number of ways. Some of the examples are the reduction of waste, recycling and the use of Low Emission raw materials. 


Low Emission

As one of the first foam manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, we integrate Low Emission raw materials in our production of flexible MDI-based foam. This change dispose a number of advantages such as enhanced product quality as well as an environmentally-friendlier product compared to the alternative, TDI. 


Environmental Policy

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our production and protect the environment even further – this is reflected in our Environmental Policy as well.





At BPI we always pay closely attention to all details to ensure a high standard of quality because we know it is the smallest details that make the difference. 


Quality Policy

We aim for the highest level of product quality, while providing our customers with excellent service to ensure our customer's production runs smoothly and on-time. 




We are RoHs, REACH and ISO-certified – view all the certificates here. 



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