With BPI, you are assured an environmentally conscious supplier. We utilise MDI-based foam and Low Emission raw materials in production, reducing the use of raw materials, water and energy. We also recycle wherever possible.

Set demands – we do
BPI focuses on the environment. We are constantly working to reduce any negative impacts that our products or production may have on the environment.
Consequently, in collaboration with our suppliers, we also look for new ways to safeguard the environment and minimise our respective impacts.
We require our suppliers to safeguard the environment. Upon choosing new suppliers or raw materials, both the products and suppliers should meet certain environmental requirements to become an approved supplier to the BPI.

Eco-friendly production
At BPI, we place considerable emphasis on constantly reducing any negative environmental impacts of our production. We have always used MDI for manufacturing foam (both rigid and flexible) in our own production, thus opting out of using the more environmentally harmful alternative TDI.
As one of the first foam producers in Europe, BPI has now gone one step further by integrated new Low Emission raw materials into its production of flexible MDI-based foams.

Apart from a green production, we also seek to reduce the use of raw materials, water and energy in order to minimise environmental impacts.
This commitment is expressed through among others the recycling of polyurethane foam. BPI has its own facilities for granulating surplus/offcuts of polyurethane products. The flexible granulated foam is subsequently bonded together under pressure to become regenerated products such as Setex and VibraSetex.
You can read more about BPI's environmental policy here.