Low Emission

BPI cherishes the environment. Therefore, we use MDI-based foam and Low Emission raw materials in our production.

Optimising quality and environment

At BPI, we attach great significance to consistently raising the level of quality and reducing negative environmental impacts. Consequently, we have developed a new MDI-based type of foam.

We have always used MDI for manufacturing foam (both rigid and flexible) in our own production, thus opting out of using the more environmentally harmful alternative TDI. With the new Low Emission foam, we have gone even further.
BPI is among some of the first foam manufacturers in Europe to utilise the new Low Emission raw materials in its production of flexible MDI-based foam.

Clear advantages

Apart from being more environmentally friendly than the previously used raw materials, Low Emission materials also afford improved end product quality:

  • Produced with environment-friendly materials

  • Halogen free

  • Can comply with both CAL117 A & D and BS5852 Crib 5

  • Can be approved for Swan Nordic Ecolabel, Oeko-Tex and Certipur

  • The same extended end product lifetime

  • More attractive surface after foaming

  • More open cell structure to afford better adhesion when bonding.