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Quality lies in the detail. Indepth knowledge of the industry coupled with a strong focus on the core operational processes of your business guarantees you a productive solution.

High quality – a matter of course
We constantly strive to achieve a production with a high degree of fault-free products, while providing an optimal service to our customers. We aim to ensure that our service level and product quality is so good as to merit the trust of our customers, thus making us your natural choice for a cooperation partner in development and production.
Trouble-free production flow
Quality of production is one of the cornerstones of BPI. We are concious of the fact that the very high quality, precision and consistency in the production of foam items contributes to the smooth operation of the customer's production. We are our own harshest critics and we never compromise on quality regardless of the order size.
Tell us about your business
We would much rather hear about our customers' business than to talk about our own. This is the only way we can get to know what is important to our customers.
Knowledge of our customer's business processes is essential for us to optimally customise development and production to the customer's setup. We believe that our customers prefer to concentrate on managing their own tasks and the overall objectives of the project.
They can best do this, if they trust that their cooperation partner has control of their part. Therefore we do our utmost to ensure that details of our working processes are available and transparent.
We focus on everything right down to the smallest detail as we believe it is the little details that make the difference.
You can read about BPI's quality policy here.