Quality Policy

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At BPI, we put the customer first and incorporate their needs and expectations into providing the right quality.

Quality – an integral part of BPI
Quality is not just something we focus on, because we have to. Quality is an integral part of BPI, which adds value both to us and our customers.
We aim to:

  • Provide the best possible advice and guidance to our customers

  • Focus on the customer and incorporate customer needs and expectations for the right quality and price, with the aim of ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services

  • Continuously improve and ensure the quality of products

  • Ensure targeted development of each employee's personal and professional skills

  • Work towards a productive cooperation with our suppliers

  • Continuously collect suggestions for improving our quality assurance systems; partly thorough internal audits and customer feedback

  • Work determinedly to comply with the requirements of the quality standard DS/EN ISO 9001:2008.


The above policies are evaluated regularly in relation to the increasing demands.