Product information

1. Foam for insulation, sound and vibration damping

Resilient PU foam suited for insulation and damping of noise, vibrations, etc. All foam materials can be cut and supplied specifically to customer's needs.

2. Foam for mattresses, pillows and medical equipment

Dimensionally stable and flexible PU foam suitable for pressure relieving mattresses and pillows, as well as components for a variety of medical equipment. All products can be customised to specific needs.

3. Furniture foam

A variety of PU foams created to afford designers and furniture manufacturers the necessary creative freedom and design opportunities to create an efficient production, a stable construction, optimal comfort and unique design. All foam materials can be cut and supplied to specific needs.

4. Packaging foam

These types of foam are designed and produced to withstand repeated impacts and prolonged stresses. All products can be cut and supplied according to customer needs.

5. Other foam products

These products are suitable for use in numerous other industries such as the healthcare sector, design and technology, transport industries as well as building and construction. All products can be cut and supplied to customer requirements. They offer a wide variety of applications and functions including item protection, stability, comfort, etc.