InotanPUR® and -PIR® are highly efficient insulation materials with one of the best insulation values on the market – an innovative solution in which you achieve the optimal insulation with less material through light-weight constructions.


InotanPUR® – Unique insulation properties & stability

InotanPUR® and -PIR® are one of our innovative insulation foam consisting of hard PUR foam with a closed cell structure. Due to the cell structure, this type of insulation is water-resistant, while the low weight and very high stability makes it the ideal insulation material in very small constructions. InotanPUR® and -PIR® can be manufactured into profiles and sheets ready to be installed. 


Benefits of InotanPUR® and -PIR®

  • One of the most effective insulation values on the market = 0,023 W/mK
  • Sustainable and easy-to-install insulation
  • Less insulation material needed
  • Low weight
  • High stability & strength
  • Easy to laminate, shape and coat with foils, adhesives or fiber glass
  • Closed cell structure – water resistant
  • InotanPIR® is more flame retardant than PUR®


Typical applications

InotanPUR® and -PIR® can be applied in various areas such as:

  • Building and construction – new constructions and renovation
  • Insulation of doors, windows and gates 
  • Wall constructions – sandwich constructions
  • Ships and refrigerated vehicles 




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