PurCore® PUR foam is a compact foam designed to provide shape and construction for the furniture. This provides the designer with a wealth of design opportunities and maximum flexibility – even in the smallest details.


PurCore® – Shaping the design concept with moulded foam

PurCore® is a MDI-based compact PUR foam – a very high quality manufactured on the basis of polyols and MDI-isocyanates. This material is moulded directly into a form of a specific shape in which it solidifies. PurCore® can be further reinforced with fibre glass providing extra strength and stability to the mould. 


Benefits of PurCore®

  • Compact foam designed to provide shape and construction
  • The moulding process provides a wealth of design opportunities
  • The material is light-weight and form stable 
  • MDI-based foam – Low Emission raw materials utilized
  • 100% halogen free
  • The material bonds to a large variety of surfaces
  • Can be reinforced with fibre glass for extra stability and strength


Typical applications

PurCore® moulded, compact foam can be applied within the following areas:

  • Furniture industry
  • Seats and sofas




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