PureSound® is a light-weight PU foam material ideal for sound insulation and damping in various areas – a MDI-based material produced with the highest standards of environmental care.


PureSound® – Excellent sound insulation & absorption 

PureSound® is a flexible PU foam with an open cell structure providing great sound insulation and absorption. The material is very light-weight and flame-retardant making it a great choice in various applications. PureSound® is based on MDI-technology and can be manufactured in standard as well as customized measurements by agreement.


Benefits of PureSound®    

  • Excellent sound attenuation & sound absorbing properties
  • Great insulation – low lambda value = 0,037 W/mK
  • MDI-based raw materials
  • Flame retardant, complies with UL 94 HBF test and FMVSS 302 NBR (no burn rate)
  • Odour and fibre free
  • Represents no threat to the environment
  • 100% free of CFC/HCFC
  • Classified Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and Zero GWP (Global Waming Potential)
  • Waste material is recycled into bonded foam


Typical applications

PureSound® can be applied in the following areas:

  • HVAC units 
  • Components for vehicles
  • Industrial machinery
  • Sound damping, partial walls and wall/ceiling panels 
  • Office environments, schools and kindergarten




Product Information


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Technical Brochure   

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