PurFusion® is made of MDI-based – low emission raw materials and is of an excellent quality, durability and providing  design possibilities such as complete furniture designs. 


PurFusion® – A complete design construction

PurFusion® foam is a fusion product between PurCure® and PurFlex® foam combining comfort with construction in the manufacturing process. The combination of soft PUR foam and rigid PUR foam makes it possible to achieve a complete design with sharp lines providing endless design possibilities. 


Benefits of PurFusion®

  • Unique manufacturing technique in which comfort is fusioned with construction
  • Durable materials
  • MDI-based foam
  • Fireretardant and 100% free of halogens
  • Excellent quality of the end product
  • Wealth of design possibilities


Typical Applications

PurFusion® can be applied in the following areas:

  • The furniture industry
  • Chairs and sofas in complete, moulded constructions




Product Information


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