Setex® is a high density bonded foam with flexible and elastic properties – excellent for sound and vibration damping – as well as protecting goods during transportation. 


Setex® bonded foam with unique properties

Setex® is a flexible granular foam made of selected PU foam which are glued together under high pressure. This manufacturing process ensures that the density of the foam becomes significantly higher compared to regular flexible foam, while retaining its flexible and elastisk properties. The open cell structure makes Setex® the ideal choice for sound insulation of low frequency noise. 


Benefits of Setex®

  • Higher density than regular PU flexible foam (48-235 kg/m3)
  • Can be applied within many areas due to its flexibility, elasticity and high density
  • Excellent sound insulating and vibration damping properties
  • The high density and resiliency makes it ideal as packaging foam
  • Can be delivered with PU foil, alu foil and adhesive tapes
  • A variety of standard qualities – and can be made in a special quality according to agreement 


Typical applications

Setex® can be applied in various areas such as:

  • Packaging
  • Sound damping, insulation and vibration damping
  • HVAC units
  • Furniture, such as seating 
  • Cow mats




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