The pressure relieving properties of TempraFlex® provides the exact pressure distribution and body support making this material ideal for comfort products such as pillows and mattresses


TempraFlex® – Excellent sitting & sleeping comfort

TempraFlex® is a temperature sensitive viscoelastic foam (also known as memory foam) with pressure relieving properties. This material moulds to the exact body shape ensuring the right amount of pressure distribution for the entire body, making this foam the ideal choice for comfort products such as mattresses and pillows.


Benefits of TempraFlex®

  • Firm material with exact pressure distribution
  • Moulds to the exact body shape 
  • Excellent pressure relieving properties regardless weight and height 
  • Absorbs movements 
  • Optimal sitting and sleeping comfort as well as body support


Typical applications

TempraFlex® can be used for the following applications:

  • Anti-decubitus pillows 
  • Anti-decubitus mattresses
  • Equipments for the healthcare industry 




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