VibraFlex® is a unique range of vibration damping foam based on MDI – low emission raw materials – with execellent mechanical properties. VibraFlex absorbs both low frequency as well as high frequency vibrations effectively over long periods of time.   


VibraFlex® innovative vibration damping

VibraFlex® is an elastic PU foam with outstanding vibration damping properties. The material is manufactured through a moulding process and can be moulded and thermoshaped into complex shapes. The unique properties of VibraFlex® effectively absorbs vibrations both during repeated and static loads and is an excellent choice for applications with intensive dynamic compressions.  


Benefits of VibraFlex®

  • Effectively dampens and absorbs ground- and structural borne vibrations across a wide spectrum of frequency areas
  • MDI-based foam – low emission raw materials used
  • Can be thermoshaped and moulded into complex shapes
  • Withstands repeated and static loads over very long periods
  • Can be applied indoors as well as outdoors 
  • Low compression set
  • Excellent mechanical strength properties


Typical Applications

VibraFlex® can be applied in the following areas:

  • Building foundations
  • Floor constructions as well as floating floors
  • HVAC aggregates and pumps
  • Railway constructions
  • Footwear for comfort and shock absorption 
  • Household products as well as domestic appliances 




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Technical Brochure


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Datasheet VF25                               


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