Total Solutions & Partnership


The scope of our production machinery coupled with our extensive expertise enables us to act as a total supplier to our customers – from concept to finished product.

Total optimisation of the entire value chain
In areas where we do not have sufficient expertise, we draw on our extensive network and collaborate with some of the market's leading producers of raw materials. This allows us to act as a total supplier to our customers.
Our approach to customised solutions is always total optimisation of a partnership. A partnership can entail the outsourcing of an entire process to us or a product or simply the supply of a smaller part. All with a view to minimising the overall cost of producing a given product.

A flexible total solution for our customers may include:

  • Specific procurement of raw materials

  • Specific colouring of foam

  • Customised product design

  • Specific prepacking

  • Know-how and development

  • Customized logistics that match the customer's setup

BPI is committed to innovation in everything we do, including partnership. We believe each partnership is unique. Consequently, we also structure them flexibly.
We engage with our partners during all phases of a product's development. In each case, we provide targeted support to meet the needs and priorities of our partner. Moreover, in each case we establish close cooperation to ensure a strategic match and success for both parties.
We provide optimal support to all our partners through a combination of expertise and resources. This results in unique, customised solutions.
Each partnership at BPI is built upon mutual respect and harmonised interests.