BPI introduces new noise and vibration damping solutions for window & door accessories

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S specialises in analysing and eliminating noise and vibration issues in electromechanical products. It is a complex task to reduce vibration and noise issues in general, and it requires more than just general experience and lab-equipment to succeed: The ability to develop new raw materials and chemistry compounds that can ensure an optimal damping of the accessory product is just as important. Bramming Plast-Industri A/S offers a complete solution for your products – right from the initial testing and root cause analysis to the final performance optimised product.

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S, we see a great potential in developing vibration and noise reducing solutions to the door and window industry in Europe. In many of today’s solutions the problems are quite significant, leading to quality and user issues during the lifespan of the product. Typical products that can be optimised are tubular motors for roller shutters and blinds, actuators and electric motors with gearings, window openers and motors for awning blinds etc. We succeed in reducing vibration and noise in these components as we are able to perform a thorough root cause analysis in our technical lab, and use this knowledge to develop a unique chemical compound to dampen the specific frequency bands in questions.

We identify the source of the problem and solve it for you
BPI’s long-standing work with developing and manufacturing technical polyurethanes, combined with our broad experience in noise- and vibration damping solutions for industrial applications is our key value proposition. It enables us to identify the source of the vibration, and tailor a customer specific solution that performs best in class.

“The key to creating the right solution is the ability to design a specific chemistry for the application at hand. If you are limited to a standard raw material program, it is difficult to deliver a solution that stands out above average”, says Thomas Tvedergaard Larsen, CEO at Bramming Plast-Industri A/S.

A new and patented mould concept delivers unique time-to-market
In most cases Bramming Plast-Industri A/S experiences that the development and design of a customised damping component is required – to absorb and damp the unwanted effects, and create a solution that significantly improves the performance. These components often have a complex geometry, and require skillsets in advanced polyurethane moulding techniques in order to solve the task at hand.

“We have developed a completely new and patented moulding concept that enables us to meet our customers’ demands and expectations in terms of time-to-market. Today, we are able to create a fully operational production mould from a 3D file within a few days, which means we can move from idea to finished and tested product extremely fast”, says Thomas Tvedergaard Larsen.

“Often, we integrate with our customers’ own R&D departments, and assist them in finding better solutions in a fast and efficient way. The fact that we can develop our own chemical compounds and change the basic parameters of the raw materials make all the difference”, says Thomas Tvedergaard Larsen.

By means of our unique mould concept, we can offer a customised solution. We can reduce the complexity and ensure the customer a simple solution that is fully prepared for mechanical handling and automation.

Meet the end user’s expectations to quality
BPI delivers solutions within customised noise and vibration damping components to industrial companies all over the world. Our strong competencies are typically called upon when our customers need that extra level of performance and end user quality. This also applies to the development of accessory products for doors and windows, as the end user perception of the final product is key to develop sales growth and repeat business.

Can BPI assist you and your company in the optimisation of your products and value propositions? We will support your business from the first idea to the final product – and are ready to develop your products to the next level. Contact one of our sales representatives for further information.

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