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At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S we develop and produce high-level performance solutions to heating systems, ventilation systems and cooling systems. We have strong competencies within vibration damping, thermal insulation and sound damping, and we are part of the entire process: from the first idea to full production. We bring all of these competencies into play in the development of METRO THERM’s new generation of domestic hot water heat pumps.

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S we have strong competencies within vibration damping, thermal insulation and sound damping, and our unique product range can solve almost any task. Throughout the years, we have specialised in HVAC, and our employees are educated in performance optimisation of climate technical installations. Besides products of high quality, a partnership with BPI also includes qualified sparring and consultancy throughout the entire process.

Development of an innovative heat pump
An example of good cooperation where both product properties and consultancy are brought into play is our new partnership with METRO THERM. METRO THERM is a part of NIBE in Sweden, to whom we have delivered solutions for many years. Among other solutions, we deliver performance components to METRO THERM’s products within the heat pump segment, which is going through a rapid development.

Throughout the entire process and cooperation with METRO THERM, we have focused on applying the best technical solutions to develop a heat pump with top performance. In this way, we have succeeded in developing an end-product that is one of the most silent on the market, has an outstanding COP value, and has a competitive price.

“At METRO THERM we do a lot of development work within heat pump systems, as it is one of our growth potentials. BPI particularly supports us within domestic hot water heat pumps, including two groups: air-to-water domestic hot water heat pump and liquid-to-water domestic hot water heat pump. Last-mentioned is our METRO Microbooster”, explains Kasper K. Østergaard, Development Manager in METRO THERM.

METRO Microbooster – a sustainable development
The innovative heat pump uses waste heat from industry and district heating and generally makes use of surplus heat. It is developed with the newest technologies within HVAC with focus on high energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Particularly noise can be a challenge with new heat pumps, where the goal is to create a sustainable solution with low energy consumption. Therefore, sound damping has been in focus throughout the development of METRO THERM’s new generation of heat pumps. The result is a newly developed double vibration fixation, and it has a further advantage: it can be transported laying horizontally on a trailer without causing any damages to the product.

Thus, the development has resulted in a product with performance components that damp sound and vibrations optimally in both high and low frequency areas. Therefore, METRO THERM can present a heat pump with the best sound level in the market of heat pumps – down to 43 db and with an impressively high COP value on up to 8,5.

BPI solutions contribute with unique properties
Our solutions contribute to METRO Microbooster’s unique properties: vibration damping, sound damping and thermal insulation. The solution developed to METRO Microbooster contains multiple products, and the main ingredients are Setex® and VibraFlex®. Setex® is our granular foam which is made from recycled foam qualities, and it is used as a sound damping component in the compressors.

“In addition, Setex® has a heat insulating property in the foaming process: it seals and bounds, so the foam does not extract. Simultaneously, the granular foam also contributes to fire retardant properties of the product”, explains Kasper K. Østergaard.

VibraFlex® is used as a part of a vibration damping component, and it thus also secures less noise. Read more about our products Setex® and VibraFlex®.

A strong partnership
We have good and close partnerships with our customers, and this is also the case in our partnership with METRO THERM. It is important for us to put our expertise at our customers’ disposal and provide guidance. METRO THERM expresses high satisfaction with our partnership:

“Our cooperation is really good, and BPI is always ready, if there are any challenges. In general, we have a good mutual ping-pong about product development, and BPI always challenges us on our solutions through great knowledge about vibration damping, thermal insulation and sound damping for technical solutions”, explains Kasper K. Østergaard.

Our customers’ success is our success
Do you want us to deliver your next solution within HVAC? Contact one of our sales persons, and we will develop the right solution with you.

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See how our products are part of the solution and learn more about METRO Microbooster in METRO THERM’s product video.

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