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Good solutions are the result of good innovative processes where we are your closest partner in developing the right piece of furniture with high-quality foam. The main difference from a traditional cooperation partner lies in BPI’s strength in the value chain, in other words, our understanding of furniture and the requirements for achieving a flawless design. Together we can achieve the best furniture and design solution.


Moulded foam

We develop and produce moulded foam with out-of-the-ordinary properties for the furniture and design industry. The use of moulded foam offers almost unlimited possibilities for the furniture designer. This is due to a unique moulding technique which includes both soft and hard polyurethane MDI foam. The benefit is clear – shape and thickness of the desired furniture piece rarely pose a limitation when the right moulding technique is applied. Our product range consists of 3 types of MDI-based foam which can be formed into individual designs and constructions.

3 unique types of moulded foam

  • PurFlex® is a flexible MDI-based polyurethane foam (PU-foam), which is primarily used for moulded furniture as an upholstery material.
  • PurCore® is a rigid MDI-based polyurethane foam (PU-foam), which is primarily used as a load bearing structural material in furniture.
  • PurFusion® is a fusion product between PurFlex® and PurCore®. It is a unique technique exclusively mastered by the BPI. The manufacture of furniture shells using PurFusion® technology combines elements of design and comfort. Using such a technique enables us to create a unique solution with clean, sharp lines that meets the designer’s requirements and adds exceptional quality to the furniture.
Moulded foam

Steel Chassis

At our modern factory in Poland we produce among others embedding chassis for furniture. Our employees work professionally with a strong emphasis on quality and precision. We prioritise our customers’ wishes, realising their particular needs with a focus on design and functionality.   Once the chassis – complete with springs, wooden mouldings, tilt fittings etc. – have been produced at our factory in Poland, they are forwarded to the moulding department. The chassis should often be supplied with very narrow tolerances to fit the moulds. Consequently, we always conduct quality assurance controls of our work before the products leave the factory. In this way, our processes run optimally and our customers are assured a good and durable product with the right finish. This combination of producing the chassis and moulding is unique in the market. BPI is responsible for and manages the entire process. This gives you the assurance of professional handling and production of furniture items, and all done through one contact.

Steel Chassis

Cut foam

At BPI, we are able to produce cut items from block foam according to your exact wishes. This is due to our extensive know-how in the production and processing of foam.   BPI produces, stocks and processes foam which is used for a wide range of products, such as seat cushions, back cushions, mattresses and cover foam. Our range of block foam consists of e.g.:

  • TempraFlex® (temperature sensitive polyurethane foam)
  • Setex® (bonded foam with high density and flexibility)
  • Pantera®
  • Polyether
  • Cold foam or HR-foam (High Resilience Polyurethane foam)
  • CMHR-foam (Combustion Modified High Resilience foam)

We stock more than 60 grades of block foam for customised solutions in comfort foam. Such an extensive product range is unique in the market and affords our customers the best options to choose the most appropriate quality for their particular product.   In addition to our own production of foam blocks at our factories in Denmark and Poland, we also purchase high quality foam from selected foam manufacturers in the global market. In all, BPI offers more than 300 different grades of foam from stock.


Cut foam


At BPI, we specialise in bonding unique and complex foam items. We would also like to solve your task.   BPI has many years of experience at bonding foam items, especially unique and complex items. Our bonding department offers bonding of all kinds of foam items, e.g. different types of foam bonded with wadding and stockinet. This can also include wooden frames as moulded plywood bonded with foam, which are then ready for upholstering. Or moulded, hard polyurethane shells which are prepared for upholstery by bonding them with soft foam.   We engage in ongoing dialogue with our adhesives suppliers with a view to ensuring that the adhesives we use are both soft and flexible while still providing an excellent bond.



BPI’s more than 40 years’ experience enables us to take on any special sewing assignment, regardless of whether you require traditional, innovative or alternative solutions.   All sewing is carried out by professionals at our production facility in Poland.  We are specialists in sewing, providing sewing solutions in such materials as textiles and PVC for:

  • Mattress covers
  • Bean bags
  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Cushions
  • And many others.

Apart from sewing, we also specialise in several methods for welding PVC. Our professional competencies coupled with our comprehensive range of machinery enable us to optimally solve tasks to suit the individual wishes and requirements of our customers. BPI also has at its disposal machinery for quilting textiles which are mainly used for producing mattress covers and bean bags.


Product development

At BPI, we have extensive experience in project management. We always collaborate closely with our customers when further developing existing products or developing completely new ones and preparing them for production. We develop products both as individual components for a piece of design furniture and as complete items of furniture in close cooperation all the way from concept to finished product.   It pays to have an experienced product developer to manage the process when commencing a new development task.   We have our own team of educated design constructors, whose participation in the development process can be invaluable. The constructors can for example render new designs visible in 3D. In that way, our customers can immediately obtain a realistic visualisation of the finished product. BPI’s more than 40 years’ experience coupled with our own foam production and close collaboration with selected sub-suppliers enables us to act as a total supplier for our customers.

Product development


Hybrid & Combination Foam
Other products


PurFlex® is a flexible, MDI-based, moulded polyurethane foam excellent for design furniture where there is a need to react quickly to new trends and tendencies.

PurFlex® – Moulded comfort foam

PurFlex® is a high quality moulded comfort foam with a unique processing technique and excellent comfort properties. The material is MDI-based, fire retardant and durable.

Benefits of PurFlex®

  • Light-weight & durable
  • Comfort propertiers of high quality
  • MDI-based foam, Low emission raw materials used
  • Fire-retardant & 100% free of halogens
  • Unique processing technique
  • Provides a wealth of design opportunities

Typical Applications

PurFlex can be utilized within the following areas:

  • The furniture industry
  • Comfort products, chairs and sofas



PurCore® PUR foam is a compact foam designed to provide shape and construction for the furniture. This provides the designer with a wealth of design opportunities and maximum flexibility – even in the smallest details.

PurCore® – Shaping the design concept with moulded foam

PurCore® is a MDI-based compact PUR foam – a very high quality manufactured on the basis of polyols and MDI-isocyanates. This material is moulded directly into a form of a specific shape in which it solidifies. PurCore® can be further reinforced with fibre glass providing extra strength and stability to the mould.

Benefits of PurCore®

  • Compact foam designed to provide shape and construction
  • The moulding process provides a wealth of design opportunities
  • The material is light-weight and form stable
  • MDI-based foam – Low Emission raw materials utilized
  • 100% halogen free
  • The material bonds to a large variety of surfaces
  • Can be reinforced with fibre glass for extra stability and strength

Typical applications

PurCore® moulded, compact foam can be applied within the following areas:

  • Furniture industry
  • Seats and sofas



PurFusion® is made of MDI-based – low emission raw materials and is of an excellent quality, durability and providing  design possibilities such as complete furniture designs.

PurFusion® – A complete design construction

PurFusion® foam is a fusion product between PurCore® and PurFlex® foam combining comfort with construction in the manufacturing process. The combination of soft PUR foam and rigid PUR foam makes it possible to achieve a complete design with sharp lines providing endless design possibilities.

Benefits of PurFusion®

  • Unique manufacturing technique in which comfort is fusioned with construction
  • Durable materials
  • MDI-based foam
  • Fireretardant and 100% free of halogens
  • Excellent quality of the and product
  • Wealth of design possibilities

Typical Applications

PurFusion® can be applied in the following areas:

  • The furniture industry
  • Chairs and sofas in complete, moulded constructions



Setex® is a high density bonded foam with flexible and elastic properties – excellent for sound and vibration damping – as well as protecting goods during transportation.

Setex® bonded foam with unique properties

Setex® is a flexible granular foam made of selected PU foam which are glued together under high pressure. This manufacturing process ensures that the density of the foam becomes significantly higher compared to regular flexible foam, while retaining its flexible and elastisk properties. The open cell structure makes Setex® the ideal choice for sound insulation of low frequency noise.

Benefits of Setex®

  • Higher density than regular PU flexible foam (48-235 kg/m3)
  • Can be applied within many areas due to its flexibility, elasticity and high density
  • Excellent sound insulating and vibration damping properties
  • The high density and resiliency makes it ideal as packaging foam
  • Can be delivered with PU foil, alu foil and adhesive tapes
  • A variety of standard qualities – and can be made in a special quality according to agreement

Typical applications

Setex® can be applied in various areas such as:

  • Packaging
  • Sound damping, insulation and vibration damping
  • HVAC units
  • Furniture
  • Cow mats



TempraFlex® is BPI developed and produced viscoelastic PU foam (temperature sensitive polyurethane foam).

Typical applications

TempraFlex® is a unique material with pressure relief properties that can be used in pillows and mattresses. Besides being extremely comfortable, TempraFlex® also prevents bedbound users from getting pressure ulcers.

Benefits of TempraFlex®

  • TempraFlex® moulds itself to the exact body shape and position so your neck, shoulders, back and legs get the necessary support.
  • The optimal pressure distribution provided by TempraFlex® reduces the number of times the body needs to turn around in a lying postition.
  • TempraFlex® provides optimum relief for the body, regardless of the user’s height and weight.
  • The spine is kept in an optimal position because TempraFlex® allows relief for the whole body, whereas ordinary foam mattresses can be too soft or too hard.
  • TempraFlex® feels soft and comfortable, and will immediately after use return to its original shape.
  • TempraFlex® spares the bedbound the unnecessary inconvenience and cost of subsequent treatment.


Hybrid & Combination Foam

We are constantly exploring new possibilities in the composition of different types of foam and have been able to add an extra, advantageous dimension or property to many selected products with great success. We have good experiences and competencies in different processing methods when it comes to manufacturing techniques to assemble very different materials.

Benefits of Hybrid & Combination Foam

  • More favourable features in one and same product
  • Optimal material utilisation
  • The best from many worlds

Typical applications

Where there are special requirements or considerations for the environment or where you want to cover more needs in one overall manufacturing process. Special design considerations where many different properties or features must be reconciled with different materials.


As our hybrid combinations are extremely special and individually customised, we do not have any separate brochures for these types. Therefore, we refer to the brochures for the other trademarks and product types and we are available for advice and guidance on how to combine the different materials and foam qualities.

Other products

BPI offers more than 300 different grades of foam, so we are – under normal market conditions – able to provide almost anything for any purpose. If you do not find the solution that matches your needs among our proprietary trademarks, we are likely to find another product in our comprehensive product series. Finally, you also have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced specialists and product developers to create a truly unique and exceptional composition for your specific requirements and material requirements.


Business areas

Here you will find 2 strong teams that are professionally trimmed to meet your exact needs.
Strong enough to handle the largest and most complex projects – small enough to focus on the details of even the most routine or standardised tasks. SPECIALITIES for longstanding customers who have over time developed new needs for different solutions – or BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT for project management for all new concepts, products and applications that place special demands on brand new chemical or product combinations.
  • BPI Specialities
  • Business Development
  • Kids furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Cushions

We focus on what is best for kids. It is important that kids are challenged and can develop through play. That is our mindset when creating furniture solutions for children.

Learning through playing

We create solutions that are designed to help to develop children’s:

  • Fantasy and creativity
  • Motor skills and balance
  • Understanding shapes and colors

No harmful materials

Most of our foam and textile materials are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified to ensure that there are no harmful substances that may affect a child’s health.

Equipment that lasts

Quality is our main priority. That is why our products can withstand continuous usage for many years. Our foam holds its shape, also under continuous use for many years. Almost all of our products can be delivered with “pilot nylon” – which is very durable and easily to clean.

Other products

Besides creative playing equipment, we also offer various mattresses and cushions. Just contact one of our sales consultants to create the best solution for your need.

  • Individual foam qualities in cut foam for support or comfort

    BPI has more than 40 years of experience with cut foam for the furniture and mattress industry, where our foam is used in a wide range of mattress products, including general purpose mattresses or special healthcare products.   We produce, stock and process block foam in polyether, HR foam, CMHR foam, Pantera® as well as our proprietary visco-elastic foam TempraFlex® (Temperature Sensitive Polyurethane Foam) and Setex® (Granulated Foam). We stock more than 60 grades of block foam for comfort or healthcare products. Such an extensive product range is unique in the market and affords you the best options to choose the most appropriate quality for your particular product. All sewing is carried out by professionals at our production facility in Poland. Here our specialists in sewing, provide sewing solutions in materials such as textiles and PVC for mattress covers, bean bags, pillows, curtains, cushions and many others. Finally, we also specialise in various methods for welding PVC and PU. BPI has also developed its own mattress range with carefully selected combinations of hybrid foam along with the best of top mattresses and textile qualities with different properties.


Foam on the top … makes all the difference

BPI also makes pillows, such as seat cushions or pillows for comfort or healthcare products.   Our moulded head / neck pillows can be manufactured in many traditional qualities or possibly in CozyPur – a specially developed quality with pressure-reducing properties where temperature sensitivity is reduced at the same time.

Product development

Your creativity is our inspiration.
Our design-educated constructors, which are supported by a development-oriented and flexible production, are able to provide you with endless possibilities for creating exciting innovative furniture when you enter into close collaboration with us.

We have put together the right team

We have specialists and equipment to  provide consultancy early in the development phase. Moreover, we can develop prototypes quickly, thereby adding value to the initial briefing and final specification long before the production begins. It is a collaboration that any designer and constructor will benefit from, and which ultimately means a cost-minimised solution for the manufacturer and a particularly attractive product for the customer.


We can provide sparring within the following areas:

  • PVC
  • Textiles
  • Quilting
  • Furniture construction
  • Wood and metal processing
  • Various welding and sewing methods for mattresses
  • General upholstery or other

Uncompromising professionalism for the furniture industry

Foam manufacturers and suppliers of solutions and applications for furniture construction and parts of furniture. We are your closest partner and provide sparring in product development as well as production.

Your closest partner in product development

In addition to an unrivalled product know-how and an extensive knowledge of materials and processes used in the furniture industry, BPI emphasizes its position and reputation by being competent and process-oriented throughout the value chain.   Cooperation and dialogue are the keywords practised in relation to customers and partners.

High security of supply

We know that delivery on time is very important to our customers. Customer confidence is one of our focus areas. Consequently, a high standard for security of supply is also a matter of course for us and an area which is continuously measured and documented.   We continuously measure and document that we are meeting our requirements for security of supply and implement changes if necessary.

Freedom for a unique design

Our longstanding commitment reflects our way of working. Our company is founded upon a combination of advanced technology and a high degree of professional competence. We can always see possibilities, whether it is a matter of producing design classics or developing new and innovative designs. We currently supply the foam for numerous items of design furniture, including Arne Jacobsen’s Swan and Egg chairs as well as the Favn sofa.

In the long run, you will especially appreciate our continuity, precision, uniformity and involvement.

For more than 40 years, we have produced customer-specific solutions for global brand owners. Our furniture team has many years of experience in developing and producing foam for the furniture industry, which makes us a competent sparring partner in the development of specific or special solutions.

Together with you, we transform the great ideas into innovative products. Together with us, you develop products that meet different demands on today’s markets – such as high quality, market-specific standards or individual design.

Our flexibility is as flexible as our own products, and the shortest way to the creative sparring is found here.

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