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Our HVAC and DWG departments develop, process and produce technical solutions in foam for heating, ventilation and air conditioning manufacturers, as well as doors, windows and gates.


Sound damping

Together with our customers, we create one of the best possible solutions for sound damping and proofing as well as vibration damping for eg. buildings, HVAC systems and production facilities.   A low noise level is important for all humans well-being. Consequently, the demand for soundproofing materials in buildings is constantly increasing. BPI has always had a strong focus on sound damping as well as sound insulation. We cooperate with our customers to create individual solutions that are tailored to the specific task. For several years, we develop and produce technical foam which perform excellently within:

  • Sound damping
  • Soundproofing
  • Vibration damping 
Sound damping

Vibration damping

With our unique foam for silencing, as well as vibration damping, you can reduce noise in, among other things, buildings, rooms, sports floors and HVAC and production facilities.   A low noise level is essential for people’s well-being, and there are therefore increased demands on noise suppression and not least vibration damping in buildings. BPI has always focused on both areas, and we work with our customers on foam solutions tailored to the individual task.

Vibration damping

Thermal insulation

We offer foam and rubber materials customised to your wishes with some of the best insulation values in the market.   We offer a variety of foam, cellular rubber and sponge rubber for thermal insulation. We cut items to fixed dimensions as specified by the customer and subsequently pack and deliver the items in sets and installation-ready kits. The processed items are generally dust-free because of our unique processing methods. The thickness of the material can be accustomised to your requirements, and this particular foam is ideal in areas where optimal insulation is required without compromising space.

Thermal insulation

Product delvelopment

BPI’s core competence is product development, through which we provide competent consultation and sparring throughout the entire process from concept to the finished and delivered product. Together, we develop optimum total solutions.   Developing product solutions for the future requires visionary thinking and an understanding of how to transform concepts into reality. We create the framework for this by employing highly motivated and committed employees, who work closely with each customer to secure the creation of optimal solutions. The most important factor in developing custom solutions is direct dialogue with our customers. Our development department comprises product managers and constructors, who work closely with suppliers and other collaboration partners in a global network. This cooperation ensures expertise that you will not find elsewhere.

Product development


PureXilence 3D®
InotanPUR® & InotanPIR®
Hybrid & Combination Foam
Other products

PureXilence 3D®

We develop tailormade solutions to remove noise and vibrations in HVAC and electronic products. We provide R&D competences, develop a solution with our patented moulding concept and deliver a solution with our PureXilence 3D® polyurethane foam: creating a second to none end-user experience for your customers.

Read more in the brochure.

InotanPUR & InotanPIR®

InotanPUR® and -PIR® are highly efficient insulation materials with one of the best insulation values on the market – an innovative solution in which you achieve the optimal insulation with less material through light-weight constructions.

InotanPUR® – Unique insulation properties & stability

InotanPUR® and -PIR® are one of our innovative insulation foam consisting of hard PUR foam with a closed cell structure. Due to the cell structure, this type of insulation is water-resistant, while the low weight and very high stability makes it the ideal insulation material in very small constructions. InotanPUR® and -PIR® can be manufactured into profiles and sheets ready to be installed.

Benefits of InotanPUR® and -PIR®

  • One of the most effective insulation values on the market = 0,023 W/mK
  • Sustainable and easy-to-install insulation
  • Less insulation material needed
  • Low weight
  • High stability & strength
  • Easy to laminate, shape and coat with foils, adhesives or fiber glass
  • Closed cell structure – water resistant
  • InotanPIR® is more flame retardant than PUR®

Typical applications

InotanPUR® and -PIR® can be applied in various areas such as:

  • Building and construction – new constructions and renovation
  • Insulation of doors, windows and gates
  • Wall constructions – sandwich constructions
  • Ships and refrigerated vehicles



PureSound®E is a light-weight PU foam ideal for sound absorption and insulation in various areas – a MDI-based material produced with the highest standards of environmental care.

PureSound®E – Excellent sound insulation & absorption

PureSound®E is a flexible PU foam with an advanced cell structure. The material is flame-retardant, making it a great choice in various applications. PureSound®E can be manufactured in standard as well as customized dimensions by agreement.

Fire class

PureSound®E is made with an environmentally friendly low VOC- emission fire retardant. The use of this very effective fire retardant results in fire class E acc. to EN ISO 13501-1, as well as FMVSS 302 NBR, CAL 117 and EN-1021-1 & -2.

Benefits of PureSound®E

  • Excellent sound absorbing properties
  • Great thermal insulation – low lambda value = 0,037 W/mK
  • Flame retardant, complies with EN ISO 13501-1 class E, FMVSS 302 NBR, CAL 117 and EN-1021-1 & -2
  • Odour and fibre free
  • Represents no threat to the environment
  • 100% free of CFC/HCFC
  • Waste material is recycled into bonded foam
  • Classified Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and Zero GWP (Global Warming Potential)

Typical applications

PureSound®E can be applied in the following areas:

  • HVAC aggregates (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • Doors, windows and gates
  • Acoustic interior in private and public areas
  • Automotive
  • White goods and appliances
  • Industrial machinery
  • HiFi and electronics



Setex® is a high density bonded foam with flexible and elastic properties – excellent for sound and vibration damping – as well as protecting goods during transportation.

Setex® bonded foam with unique properties

Setex® is a flexible granular foam made of selected PU foam which are glued together under high pressure. This manufacturing process ensures that the density of the foam becomes significantly higher compared to regular flexible foam, while retaining its flexible and elastisk properties. The open cell structure makes Setex® the ideal choice for sound insulation of low frequency noise.

Benefits of Setex®

  • Higher density than regular PU flexible foam (48-235 kg/m3)
  • Can be applied within many areas due to its flexibility, elasticity and high density
  • Excellent sound insulating and vibration damping properties
  • The high density and resiliency makes it ideal as packaging foam
  • Can be delivered with PU foil, alu foil and adhesive tapes
  • A variety of standard qualities – and can be made in a special quality according to agreement

Typical applications

Setex® can be applied in various areas such as:

  • Packaging
  • Sound damping, insulation and vibration damping
  • HVAC units
  • Furniture
  • Cow mats



VibraSetex® is one of BPIs unique MDI-based products with outstanding vibration damping and shock absorption properties for a wide spectrum of applications and technical solutions.

VibraSetex® – vibration damping composite material

VibraSetex® is an elastic composite product 100% made of VibraFlex® granules for effective vibration damping solutions. The unique properties of VibraSetex® absorbs vibrations effectively while staying elastic and formstable during repeated and static loads. VibraSetex® is based on MDI-technology, thus it is made of low emission raw materials. VibraSetex® can be found in two standard qualities – VS11 & VS200.

Benefits of VibraSetex®

  • Excellent vibration damping properties
  • MDI-based foam – Low Emission raw materials
  • Stays elastic and formstable
  • Suitable for both repeated and sustained loads
  • Also applicable for schock absorption and protection of fragile items

Typical Applications

VibraSetex® can be applied in the following areas:

  • Building foundations
  • HVAC aggregates
  • Railway constructions
  • Floors, as well as floating floors
  • Domestic appliances and household products
  • Footwear



VibraFlex® is a unique range of vibration damping foam based on MDI – low emission raw materials – with excellent mechanical properties. VibraFlex absorbs both low frequency as well as high frequency vibrations effectively over long periods of time.

VibraFlex® innovative vibration damping

VibraFlex® is an elastic PU foam with outstanding vibration damping properties. The material is manufactured through a moulding process and can be moulded and thermoshaped into complex shapes. The unique properties of VibraFlex® effectively absorbs vibrations both during repeated and static loads and is an excellent choice for applications with intensive dynamic compressions.

Benefits of VibraFlex®

  • Effectively dampens and absorbs ground- and structural borne vibrations across a wide spectrum of frequency areas
  • MDI-based foam – low emission raw materials used
  • Can be thermoshaped and moulded into complex shapes
  • Withstands repeated and static loads over very long periods
  • Can be applied indoors as well as outdoors
  • Low compression set
  • Excellent mechanical strength properties

Typical Applications

VibraFlex® can be applied in the following areas:

  • Building foundations
  • Floor constructions as well as floating floors
  • HVAC aggregates and pumps
  • Railway constructions
  • Footwear for comfort and shock absorption
  • Household products as well as domestic appliances


Hybrid & Combination Foam

We are constantly exploring new possibilities in the composition of different types of foam and have been able to add an extra, advantageous dimension or property to many selected products with great success. We have good experiences and competencies in different processing methods when it comes to manufacturing techniques to assemble very different materials.

Benefits of Hybrid & Combination Foam

  • More favourable features in one and same product
  • Optimal material utilisation
  • The best from many worlds

Typical applications

Where there are special requirements or considerations for the environment or where you want to cover more needs in one overall manufacturing process.

Combine one or more attributes, e.g.;

  • Visco elasticity (pressure relief, shock absorbing)
  • Liquid absorption (hydrophilic properties)
  • Vibration damping (resonance control)
  • Buoyancy (floating properties)
  • Insulation (thermal or sound)
  • Suspension (pressure response)
  • Filtration (air, liquids)
  • Adhesion / lamination

Other products

BPI offers more than 300 different grades of foam, so we are – under normal market conditions – able to provide almost anything for any purpose. If you do not find the solution that matches your needs among our proprietary trademarks, we are likely to find another product in our comprehensive product series. Finally, you also have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced specialists and product developers to create a truly unique and exceptional composition for your specific requirements and material requirements.


Business area

2 divisions with strong teams, professionally designed to meet your needs.
Strong enough to handle the largest and most complex projects – small enough to focus on the details of even the most routine or standardised tasks. SPECIALITIES for longstanding customers who have over time developed new needs for different solutions – or BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT for project management for all new concepts, products and applications that make special demands on brand new chemical or product combinations.
  • BPI Specialities
  • Business Development
  • Energy
  • Electronics & Hifi
  • Sport & leisure
  • Packaging

When we think high quality, then we also consider our products’ impact on the environment. Therefore, we support the development and creation of new solutions to companies working with various forms of energy, particularly alternative energy.

Natural resources for an alternative world

Our foam is based on MDI and is therefore also more energy and environmentally friendly than foam based on TDI.Energy is an area where BPI is offering a variety of solutions and expertise within insulation, noise and vibration damping and protection of various components.

Wind Power

BPI is a trusted supplier for many companies working in the wind power industry. You can find our products both on the inside and outside of different wind turbine components. The products on the inside help to dampen noise and vibrations, while the products on the outside help to protect the components during transportation and construction.

Solar Power

Within the solar industry, we offer solutions for the packaging and sealing of various components.

Other types of energy

In our Specialities department you will find experienced consultants, who will create the optimal solution for you and your company.

We are here to secure the ideal conditions for the best possible sound and acoustic experience in all surroundings and environments.

Right material for your solution

We know that in the Electronics & HIFI industry, protection and acoustics are important keywords. Together with our experienced sales consultants, we choose the best materials and products to suit your particular requirements.

Our focus areas

  • Vibration damping – The flexibility of our solutions and products allow them to be used both inside and outside of different applications. We offer vibration damping foam to make sure that the vibrations from the inside do not affect the surrounding areas.
  • Acoustics – When making music, the acoustics of the room are very important. Therefore, we also offer solutions for insulating wall panels to keep the acoustics at the right level.
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Packaging

Life is easier with the right equipment. Therefore, we offer various types of foam solutions for Sport and Leisure. We create solutions according to customers’ needs. The following are examples of solutions we have made for the Sport and Leisure industry:


Using different types of soft foam, we have created mats in different sizes and thicknesses for various sports halls and schools. Most of our products can be covered with a durable and easy-to-clean fabric.

Foam protectors

Products to prevent injury during sport, such as trampoline edges, fighting ring posts, ball court edges, etc. We also manufacture products for body protection, such as knee pads, knee mats, protective suits, positioning kits, elbow pads, etc.

Sleeping/sitting pads

We also offer foam to create sleeping or sitting pads solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. These products can be produced in various hardnesses and thicknesses to secure user comfort.

Gymnastic equipment

We create solutions within various gymnastic equipment such as climbing walls, foam blocks, and landing mats.

We aim to create the best solution for our customer. No two products or solutions are alike. Our sales people are here to work together with you on a customized solution that fulfills all your requirements.

Different solutions for different needs

All of our sales consultants have many years of experience creating the right solution for the customers. Here are some examples:

  • Presentation material and Gifts – we have many years of experience in producing foam solutions where the client’s products are presented in the best possible way and fixated optimally. This is done with a CNC-produced solution where the foam is cut to fit exactly to the items placed in the foam.
  • Protective packaging – solutions that help to ensure that your product is safe and sound – also on arrival.
  • Packaging solutions for electronic components – we have a wide selection of different ESD-safe foam qualities that can be processed after the customers need. To fragile components like: computer parts, glass, medical equipment etc. Protecting your product against vibration and shock while the product is firmly placed.

Foam suitable for packaging

We have a very large variety of foams suitable for all sorts of packaging, e.g.:

  • PE (Polyethylene) foam – a firm foam that is used mostly for product protection and for fastening things in their optimum position.
  • PU (Polyurethane) foam –  a soft foam that takes the shape of the product it is surrounding.
  • Setex® – bonded foam that is perfect for packaging heavy items. It is good at absorbing vibrations and shocks, while keeping the product protected.

The right equipment

The combination of modern production facilities and extensive know-how enables us to produce complex and customized items to a high and uniform quality. We have substantial cutting capacity within the processing of foam that also includes processing on such automated CNC machinery as water jet cutters, roll and contour cutters, die-cutting and rotary die-cutting machines, splitting machines, milling machines, laminating machines, etc.

  • Railway
  • Footwear
  • Construction technology

A comfortable trip

Product development, which has created a comfortable foundation for thousands of people who benefit from the solution every day.   For many years, VibraFlex® has proven its worth as shock absorbing and durable material under railway vaults – and BPI is a long-standing supplier to one of the world’s leading railway contractors with constructions around the world. The collaboration between product development experts and leading subcontractors, BPI has developed the perfect solution for so-called “Under Sleeper Pads”. It is a special chemical composition and glue-processed plate that dampens vibrations, thus protecting buildings, roads, people and environment.

The best from one industry to another

Together with the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, BPI has developed a brand new high-resilience foam type which, in addition to its excellent shock absorbing properties, also has a unique backlash effect. Through surveys, interviews and visits to laboratories with leading shoemakers, such as NIKE and ECCO, we found some of the most critical key requirements and needs of end users and manufacturers. After many tests and more studies, we were shown that VibraFlex® is also suitable for the shoe industry and especially ideal for 3 areas:

  1. Component as middle sole / cushion embedded in heels, arch or front foot
  2. Inner sole – complete or partial
  3. Metatarsal protection or ankle protection

Vibration damping that shakes off anything

For several years, BPI has further developed vibration-damping materials and sound protection for several industries. Thus, areas such as buildings, railways, machinery, air conditioners, etc. experienced the positive effect of VibraFlex® as the ideal material choice for areas under extreme conditions or with extraordinary dynamic compressions.

Product development

The best conditions for an optimal overall solution – from the first sketch to the completed solution.

High standard and consistent quality – all the way

Good solutions are the result of proper, innovative processes where we are the customer’s closest partner in developing the right product.   Our extensive production facilities and wide range of materials gives us many keys to play on, and we can, therefore, create an individual, flexible and fast perspective for your preferred solution. We have specialists and equipment to provide effective advice and rapid development of prototypes and thus add value to the initial introduction and final specification – long before the production begins. A partnership with BPI may include outsourcing to us of the entire total solution or simply parts in the process or product. The entire product development phase is from A-Z characterised by continuous follow-up, close collaboration between the customer and the developers, approval procedures and carefully calculated time intervals. Once the project and the first sketch are approved, our production planning begins and ensures a safe further process for the final solution.

The road to us does not have to be long

Our organisation has over 400 specialists and experts in each area. They work for a unique goal: to give our customers a positive experience and ensure the best customer satisfaction.

We do this by putting our customers in focus and respect for the needs and expectations. You can always be sure of qualified, sincere and exactly advice from our employees.

The direct route to some of our commercial colleagues or product specialists is not long.

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