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Noise and vibration damping solutions

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S, we can help you optimise performance in your HVAC or electronics product by reducing noise and vibration

With BPI as a partner, you get…

We possess great in-house knowledge of the requirements of your market, enabling us to guide you and help you choose the right solution.
We are a qualified development partner with a fixed project structure, giving you a simple journey from development to industrial production.
We offer products with a sustainability focus and help you reduce your carbon footprint. See examples of this under Biomass Balance and Mechanical Recycling.
We are used to dealing with a great variety of complexity levels on behalf of our customers. You can safely entrust the complexities of development and production to us.
We are ISO9001-certified and deliver high quality through all processes.
Service excellence
We are an industrially run company that delivers a high standard across hygiene parameters, delivery performance and quality, in close cooperation with our partners, ensuring that we live up to our partners’ expectations.

Part of the solution

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S, we have made a choice to separate our production from fossil fuels, and our ambition is to achieve a 50% conversion by 2026. Therefore, we have introduced two solutions that allow you to reduce your carbon footprint through certifications regarding chemistry and mechanical recycling of polyurethane. Read more about our sustainability initiatives and how you can implement a sustainable solution for your product.

Your team

We look forward to working with you on your solution.

Key Account Manager

Peter Munch Hansen

Key Account Manager

Martin Esbjörnsson

Construction Manager

Casper Siewers Møller

Noise & Vibration Specialist

Benny Christensen

Customer Service

Camilla Prien Tobiasen

Customer Service

Birte Andersen

Design of your customised solution

What qualities are important in the development of your solution?
Raw materials
What raw materials do you want to use in your solution?
Manufacturing concept
Which manufacturing concept is ideal for your project?
Production capacity
What capacity or tool investment do you require?
Integration and logistics
How much of your complexity and logistics setup would you like us to handle for you?

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We created a guide to HVAC and electronics products that gives you three benefits by reducing noise and vibration, ensuring your customer a quality experience which is second to none.

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