Think green

For BPI, a green mindset is not only a matter of environmental awareness and the challenges that presents our company. For us, it is also a matter of efficiency and energy consumption. In addition, we emphasise our customers’ experience of quality and we guarantee that our products always have a quality that we stand by. We wish that:

Reduce adverse environmental impacts of our products at production, use and disposal

Utilise raw materials, water and energy more efficiently in order to minimise environmental impacts

Limit overall waste and emissions from our production

Maintain high safety standards for our employees

Promote responsible environmental attitudes among our employees

Seek to achieve better environmental standards through close collaboration with suppliers, customers and other cooperation partners

We continuously monitor all relevant environmental and occupational health and safety acts to ensure that our activities are compliant with established legal requirements.

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Optimising quality and environment

At BPI, we attach great significance to consistently raising the level of quality and reducing negative environmental impacts. Consequently, we have developed a new MDI-based type of foam.   At BPI, we have always used MDI for all self-manufactured, hard and flexible foam, to ensure the most work environment-friendly conditions in our production units. With the new Low Emission foam, we have taken this a step further. BPI is among some of the first foam manufacturers in Europe to utilise the new Low Emission raw materials in its production of flexible MDI-based foam.

Clear advantages

Apart from being more environmentally friendly than the previously used raw materials, Low Emission materials also afford improved end product quality:

  • Produced with environment-friendly materials
  • Halogen free
  • Can comply with both CAL117 A & D and BS5852 Crib 5
  • Can be approved for Swan Nordic Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex
  • The same extended end product lifetime
  • More attractive surface after foaming
  • More open cell structure to afford better adhesion when bonding.

A sustainable production

Environment & quality

A high quality and consideration of the environment is the foundation of BPI. We have an ultramodern production device that ensures high and consistent quality and our employees take efforts in ensuring that our products meet our high quality and environmental requirements.


BPI is an environmentally conscious supplier, who aim to reduce the negative impacts of our production process through a number of ways. Some of the examples are the reduction of waste, recycling and the use of Low Emission raw materials, where it pays to think green.

Low Emission

As one of the first foam manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, we integrate Low Emission raw materials in our production of flexible MDI-based foam. This change dispose a number of advantages such as enhanced product quality as well as an environmentally-friendlier product compared to the alternative, TDI.  The benefits of sustainable production are many.

Environmental Policy

For BPI, a green mindset is not only a matter of environmental awareness and the challenges that presents our company. For us, it is also a matter of efficiency and energy consumption. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our production and protect the environment even further – this is reflected in our Environmental Policy as well.


Quality lies in the detail. Indepth knowledge of the industry coupled with a strong focus on the core operational processes of your business guarantees you a productive solution.  

High quality – a matter of course

We constantly strive to achieve a production with a high degree of fault-free products, while providing an optimal service to our customers. We aim to ensure that our service level and product quality is so good as to merit the trust of our customers, thus making us your natural choice for a cooperation partner in development and production.

Trouble-free production flow

Quality of production is one of the cornerstones of BPI. We are concious of the fact that the very high quality, precision and consistency in the production of foam items contributes to the smooth operation of the customer’s production. We are our own harshest critics and we never compromise on quality regardless of the order size.

Tell us about your business

We would much rather hear about our customers’ business than to talk about our own. This is the only way we can get to know what is important to our customers.  Knowledge of our customer’s business processes is essential for us to optimally customise development and production to the customer’s setup. We believe that our customers prefer to concentrate on managing their own tasks and the overall objectives of the project. They can best do this, if they trust that their cooperation partner has control of their part. Therefore we do our utmost to ensure that details of our working processes are available and transparent.  We focus on everything right down to the smallest detail as we believe it is the little details that make the difference.

Our quality policy

Quality is not just something we focus on, because we have to. Quality is an integral part of BPI, which adds value both to us and our customers. We aim to:

  • Provide the best possible advice and guidance to our customers
  • Focus on the customer and incorporate customer needs and expectations for the right quality and price, with the aim of ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services
  • Continuously improve and ensure the quality of products
  • Ensure targeted development of each employee’s personal and professional skills
  • Work towards a productive cooperation with our suppliers
  • Continuously collect suggestions for improving our quality assurance systems; partly thorough internal audits and customer feedback
  • Work determinedly to comply with the requirements of the quality standard DS/EN ISO 9001:2015

CSR & Certificates

Environmental and occupational health and safety measures are continuously monitored to ensure that all laws, regulations and legal measures are strictly observed. Below you can find our certificates, as well as BPI’s Code of Conduct, which is an overall expression of the company’s approach to the work environment.

UN Global Compact

In 2014, we joined the UN Global Compact. In a letter to this company, we express our intention of business operations and strategy to make use of the ten universally recognised principles in the areas of human rights, working conditions, the environment and the fight against corruption. For further information about our corporate social activities, please refer to our undertaking statement to the surrounding world.

Due to environmental concerns it is not possible to print out our COP-reports. Thank you for your understanding.

From the first step, you will feel we can reach far

The experience of quality can be different. At BPI, we always try to provide a common high-quality perception, because it adds value to the customers and us, in the short and long-term. We respect your perception of quality and guarantee that our products always have a quality that we can stand by.

Meet one of our customer service staff or product specialists and get an impression of the quality of the possible collaboration.

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