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BPI launches PureSound®F – a self-extinguishing acoustic foam without fire retardants

BPI expands the product range within the own-produced trademark, PureSound® with a sister grade to PureSound®E, which was launched in summer 2019. The newest addition is called PureSound®F, and it is a high quality acoustic foam, developed with focus on sustainability: it is completely free of fire retardants.

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S we dedicate a lot of resources to further development and optimisation of our product range, which enable us to provide the right foam quality for our customers’ individual needs. After months of work with scores of laboratory and product tests, we are now ready to launch a new product that copes with the demands: a foam quality with great sound absorbing properties and low emission values.

Next generation of noise reducing foam
PureSound®F is developed with unique sound absorbing properties and this foam quality can especially create value as acoustic interior in public and private areas and as sound absorbing component in HVAC aggregates. In workplaces with open office environments, PureSound®F can ideally be used to absorb unnecessary and distracting noise and hereby create a better work environment for employees. Furthermore, PureSound®F can advantageously be used in ventilation systems, in which it absorbs noise and buzzing from the aggregate.

“It is well-known that noise in the everyday life can cause e.g. stress, and there is a high demand on suitable material and solutions to ease this problem. The solutions simultaneously have to have low emissions values to enable use in e.g. private homes or office environments – without compromising the users’ health”, Kasper Kamp Jensen, R&D Manager at Bramming Plast-Industri A/S explains.

When you integrate PureSound®F in your solutions, you reduce noise, which can be an element to improve indoor environments. Both PureSound®E and PureSound®F have low emission values, and therefore both foam qualities can safely be used in solutions within acoustic interior and HVAC.

Sustainable quality and low emission values
PureSound®E was launched last summer, and it is produced with an environmentally friendly fire retardant with very low emission values. The foam has a low density on approx. 25 kg/m3, and it still passes the building industry’s fire class E in EN ISO 13501. Simultaneously, PureSound®E has a good acoustic performance, and this whole combination makes it unique.

PureSound®F is 100 % free of fire retardants and therefore have even lower emission values. Despite this, PureSound®F is self-extinguishing and passes the fire classes: En 1021-1, CAL-117 and FMVSS302. This fire retardant property is unique for a foam quality this lightweight and that is produced without fire retardants – simultaneously without compromising product quality and the sound absorbing properties.

Therefore, we have two types of PureSound® that in the virtue of their respective combination of properties are unique – and they are both developed with focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Furthermore, we work on getting both qualities certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® during 2020.

A positive contribution to the industry’s future
PureSound® receives great acknowledgement from external partners and customers – because of the good test results and the thoughts for the environment that underlies the development of the products. The great acknowledgement is expressed through a recommendation for the Danish award “The Plastics Award 2020”. This award is an annual prize-giving within The Danish Plastics Federation for new and innovative products that contribute positively to the industry’s future.

“We are very proud of the recommendation for The Plastics Award 2020, and we hope that PureSound® goes all the way”, Johs. Rasmussen, R&D Product Developer in Bramming Plast-Industri A/S explains.

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