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BPI’s unique foam solutions are based on longstanding collaboration with loyal and professional subcontractors and an extensive network of specialists with the same high standards and quality requirements.
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Industry & Construction

We develop, process and manufacture foam solutions for large parts of the building, machinery and construction industry. Our components are usually hidden, but they are often the essential part of the whole – and of vital importance for the overall perception of quality. We do not tremble from the world’s ever-increasing demands to solutions that ensure a low noise level in different work environments and buildings. In fact, it gives us some peace when we – in the end – make a significant contribution to people’s well-being.

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Furniture & Design

For us, it´s not just about being a distinguished specialist in the processing and production of complicated foam items – or selling durable solutions for the furniture industry. It’s about distinct product and conceptual understanding when our design constructors are in close contact with you. Equally, development-oriented and flexible production focused on innovation with deep respect for iconic design classics in unique uniformity – time after time.

No matter what – you have the ultimate freedom of the unique design.

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BPI in motion

It all started in 1971 with a young entrepreneur’s fascination with foam and the many combination and integration possibilities. With a small group of dedicated employees, Bramming Plast-Industry A/S has built a strong culture, solid experience and excellent craftsmanship over the years. Today, BPI is a modern and foresighted company with the latest technologies and manufacturing methods, which make the company a leading pioneer in its field. And we are still moving. See a few examples here of how.

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We are stretching far

We know you make demands. Your project deserves the best prerequisites and frameworks. We regard every task as a declaration of trust and therefore honored to follow you from A-Z. Among our more than 400 specialists, we are guaranteed a team that is highly motivated and well-qualified to engage in close and innovative cooperation with you. Our knowledge sharing is a natural and unconditional part of our comprehensive service and advisory process. Whatever you are looking for, you will meet smile as well as competencies, whether it’s queries from Customer Service or Expertise from Product Development. Take the direct route to our consultants and specialists.

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