Mechanical recycling

Setex® Post-Consumer

Do you want to help cleaning up the waste streams for discarded end-of-life polyurethane products? Take responsibility and implement end-of-life materials into your products already today and reduce CO2 emissions

What do you get?

Setex® Post-Consumer

For comfort and industrial applications

At BPI, we have produced bonded foam from post-industrial waste inhouse for more than 30 years, and now we have found a way to produce bonded foam from end-of-life PU waste. In Europe, more than 40 million mattresses end up in landfill or incineration, but in this way we can create a circular economy by turning it into a bonded foam and implement in new products.


For comfort applications
It is ideal for comfort applications solutions because it has high comfort properties, is flexible, homogeneous and durable. It can be produced in different densities.

For industrial applications
The recycled product, Setex® Post-Consumer is ideal for vibration damping and has good sound absorbing properties in electromechanical applications and shock absorption for flooring, construction or machinery.


So, you can turn your existing solution with either cut foam or bonded industrial foam into product based on recycled material. By recycling one mattress, up to 76 kg CO2e can be saved compared to a standard linear process. In average, 35% of a mattress is PU foam, meaning a significant part of the mattress

How is it tested?

The product’s mechanical properties are tested, and the results show that the bonded foam has the same properties as our Setex® Post-Industrial foam – on comfort parameters even better. Emissions and hygiene parameters are tested by Eurofins, and measurements are in accordance with current REACH and RoHS legislation.

Read the full report here.


Biomass Balance

Another initiative on our road to sustainable solutions is our Biomass Balance approach. Read more about this initiative here.

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