Biomass Balance

Polyurethane based on organic waste as feedstock

Change your products to more sustainable alternatives already today and reduce your CO2 emissions compared to conventional fossil-based PU material

What do you get?

PurFlex® Biomass Balance

What does this mean for you?

With the Biomass Balance approach, we are able to offer you alternative raw materials to polyurethane as feedstock.

We have implemented the Biomass Balance approach to all of our solutions with soft moulded foam, and with a purchase of this product you get a 100% fossil resources saving product. Because of the approach, we do not need to change anything in the existing production chain of your solution from us. Therefore, the end product is the same high quality and with the same performance.

The CO2e footprint of the PU chemicals used for the PurFlex® Biomass Balance will be app. 80% lower than the equivalent PurFlex® foam based on fossil resources.

Below are some examples of amounts in kg and the respective savings. These examples of CO2e savings for PurFlex® are based on a standard mix ratio for isocyanate and polyol compared with conventional chemistry which is not certified as Biomass Balance approach.


Seat cushion – 0,2 kg
0,4 kg CO2e savings
Dining chair – 5 kg
10,7 kg CO2e savings
Lounge chair – 10 kg
21,4 kg savings

Mattress foam based on organic waste as feedstock

We have developed a new product, PureBio100. PureBio100 is a mattress foam based on a 100% Biomass Balance approach. This means, that the main raw materials – polyol and isocyanate – needed to produce the foam are 100% based on organic waste as feedstock without the use of fossil resources .

PureBio100 is developed mainly for mattress toppers and comfort layers, but it can also be applied in sustainable and high-end furniture.

Below is a calculation of CO2e savings on PureBio100 compared to similar grade in conventional chemistry:

Mattress – 2000x900x50mm/4,05 kg
9,7 kg CO2e savings
Mattress – 2000x1400x50mm/6,3 kg
15,1 kg CO2e savings
Mattress – 2000x1800x50mm/8,1 kg
19,4 kg CO2e savings



Learn more about PureBio100.


How is it certified?


Third-party certification

The REDcert² scheme confirms by an independent third-party certification that BASF has replaced the required quanities of fossil fuels with biomass for your solutions. This ensures that your product is contributing to saving resources, and you are allowed to brand your product with the REDcert2 logo.

Mechanical recycling

Another initiative on our journey towards sustainable solutions is our mechanical recycling. Read more about the initiative here.

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