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20. April 2022

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S introduces a new and exciting Biomass Balance approach for solutions with PurFlex® and PureXilence®

In the future, Bramming Plast-Industri A/S will only offer solutions where the polyurethane is based on chemicals from biomass as feedstock in the own-produced brands PurFlex® and PureXilence 3D® moulded foam. This is possible because of the Biomass Balance approach where Bramming Plast-Industri A/S contributes to bringing down the use of crude oil. As an […]
28. March 2022

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S launches a new product based on discarded mattresses: Setex® Post-Consumer

The industrial production company, Bramming Plast-Industri A/S, has an ambitious sustainability strategy including measurable initiatives. One of the initiatives is to transform discarded mattresses into new products with mechanical recycling. For more than 30 years, Bramming Plast-Industri A/S has been working with mechanical recycling of post-industrial waste, which enables them to produce new products consisting […]
2. March 2022

A new member of the PUR family adds the ultimate softness factor to your product

BPI already has the brands PurFlex®, PurCore® and PurFusion®, and there is now a new family member, PurSoft®. The first three products already offer almost unlimited possibilities for designers working with moulded furniture, but PurSoft® adds extra softness, breathability and a level of comfort previously only available in mattresses and pillows. The properties of the […]

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