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Inhouse PU chemical compounds

Chemical lab

Customise formulation
We can make a PU chemical compounds customised to your requirements
Opimise features
We can optimise features such as hardness, elastisticity, strength, cell structure, porosity, fire performance etc.
Tune processes
We can tune process parameters and reaction profiles to optimise production and quality
Documentation and specifications

Test lab

In our test lab we have state of the art test equipment to secure our customers documentation and specifications. Our R&D Technician tests:

  • Mechanical features, including hardness, compression, tensile and shear strength
  • Airflow resistance
  • Ball rebound
  • Lambda value
Industrial design


Project Management
We secure high performance on project management: from approval, test, prototype, to final solution and delivery.
Industrial design
With our additive manufacturing we can create complex moulds with a high degree of design freedom.
Prototype and final solution
We construct your customised solution across our manufacturing concepts and applications.


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