Electronics appliances

Customised noise reducing solutions

At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S, we can help you optimise performance in your electronic appliance by reducing noise and vibration

New market demands?
Does your electronic product not comply with new market regulations? Get a customised noise reducing solution for your existing product.
Manual noise reduction?
Do you manually solve the noise issue in your product? Get an automated and scalable production setup for your customised solution.
Lack of high quality feeling in your product?
A silent product exudes quality. Let us remove the noise in your product. Your customer’s perception of quality is what’s important. Let us be your critical ear.
Do you experience one of these problems?

Get a non-binding meeting with us!

Optimise production and products with a noise reducing solution from BPI.

For large items

2D solution – cut foam

Do you have a large electronic component and is it difficult to find the source of the noise issue?

Because of our state of the art conversion centers, we can make a customised solution inhouse. The solution is 100% customised to solve your noise issue and includes:

  • Analysis of your product
  • 3D drawings
  • Test and documentation
  • Noise reducing solution
  • Inhouse conversion center
For small items

3D solution – moulded foam

Do you have a small electronic component that makes unwanted noise? Then PureXilence 3D® might be the solution for you.

PureXilence 3D® is 100% customised and includes:

  • Analysis of your product
  • 3D drawings
  • Moulds
  • Test and documentation
  • Fast time to market
  • Automated production setup
Design of your customised solution

A business partnership with BPI

Non-binding meeting
First, we need to understand your product. So we invite you to a non-binding meeting where we assess if we can solve your noise problem. We will ask for you key requirements, 3D drawings, and physical items.
Expectation alignment and timeline
Next, we invite you to a short meeting to align expectatifons, timeline and we will present you our first findings and proposals for solutions in a 3D drawing.
Analysis and build solution
When we have agreed on this, we will analyse your product, print a 3D model or create physical items in short time to test best possible noise and vibration damping on your product.
Presentation of solution
When we have a clear picture of the noise and vibration levels, we will present our findings and proposals for your performance optimizing solution.
0 series and ramp-up plan
When we have the final solution, we will in few weeks prepare for 0 series and ramp up plan for real production.

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