At BPI, you meet many different employees. From the experienced product specialist who has been involved from the company’s beginning and started a career as a floor sweeper, and to the brand-new customer service employee who looks at our long-standing culture with fresh eyes. Do you want to contribute to the exciting development?

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A company in motion

A small, large southwest Jutland industrial adventure about foam

In many ways, Bramming Plast-Industri A/S’ history could well look like any other of the country’s other industrial successes. In this case, the traditional action comes from a young man’s visions and the support of a few employees. This was the case when founder John Feldt established Bramming Plast-Industri in 1971, with less than 10 employees. If you look at the rest of the story, it is remarkable how the company, despite countless challenges, has managed to grow from the smallest to the leader within its specific area with close to 500 employees.

A united and robust culture has brought BPI through many challenges. Over the decade, BPI has experienced a factory fire, a few ownership changes, significant price increases and raw material shortages just to name a few. Nevertheless, the company maintains its stable growth and course towards the target:

Becoming Europe’s preferred partner in developing, designing and manufacturing advanced, custom-made total solutions in foam.

Stories from the employees

BPI brings together good employees, and the employees collect good experiences. We have asked some of them – new and ‘old’ – about what they think is the best thing about working at BPI or what they will especially highlight?

“I started back in 2009 as a floor-sweeping boy,  later I became a production employee – and now I am sales representative. Over the years, I have gained more tasks and greater responsibility, which has made me stronger in my subjects and especially my personal development. The daily time with good colleagues and the conversation with the many customers makes one happy when you’re going to work”.

Kasper H. Thomsen - previous Sales Trainee, skilled Oct. 2018, Specialities

Kasper H. Thomsen, previous Sales Trainee

“I have only been here for 1.5 years but have already had many different tasks. I started in BPI’s Sewing Department and soon got new challenges and responsibilities in our technical department. In my daily life, I appreciate the way you are welcomed as a foreign-language new employee. And then I am always surrounded by many good and helpful colleagues, which help making my everyday life exciting and positive”.

Katarzyna Tabaczka, Production worker/ koordinator

Katarzyna Tabaczka, Production worker/ koordinator

“After almost 37 years in the company, I have been privileged to experience a dynamic company that has constantly managed to challenge itself and translate its competencies and potential by continuously developing new solutions that make a difference. Since my startup in 1981, I’ve experienced how BPI has grown organically and with exciting strategic acquisitions has moved from a smaller Danish to a larger Scandinavian to a European and global player, due to the ability to continuously adjust and adapt to the changing and surrounding world.”

Hans A. Sørensen - Product Manager - Technical foam

Hans A. Sørensen - Product Manager

“I have been here for 23 years and tried many different tasks in the company, such as being a foreman, machine operator and – as a current production coordinator, where I primarily work in the field of “cut foam”. Over the years I have experienced a lot of exciting things at BPI – and it is nice to remain part of the continuous, fast development.”

Henrik Wolf Nielsen - Production Coordinator

Henrik Wolf Nielsen - Production Coordinator

“As a sales coordinator, I am surrounded by kind and competent colleagues who contributes to BPI as an exciting place to be. I get challenges everywhere in the organization and it allows me to develop in my job. Being allowed to take responsibility and provide the best service for customers is a nice feeling.”

Camilla Prien Tobiasen - BPI Specialities

Camilla Prien Tobiasen - BPI Specialities

On the trail of an exciting career

BPI’s long-standing culture is characterised by an informal and down-to-earth approach to customers, colleagues and assignments. The strong internal forces are composed of many years of experience from employees who have been involved from the beginning – and the latest, knowledge from newly joined employees. Even though the background, the foundation or the beginning may be different, all the fundamental values ​​are common, which together with a positive attitude, mutual help and solidarity – make our company and working environment a good and safe place to be.

And the road to us does not have to be long. If you are looking for a job at BPI or yoou are merely curious to hear more about us, you are always welcome to contact one of our colleagues.

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