2. March 2022

A new member of the PUR family adds the ultimate softness factor to your product

BPI already has the brands PurFlex®, PurCore® and PurFusion®, and there is now a new family member, PurSoft®. The first three products already offer almost unlimited possibilities for designers working with moulded furniture, but PurSoft® adds extra softness, breathability and a level of comfort previously only available in mattresses and pillows. The properties of the material also make it a relatively new potential component in BPI’s furniture designs, and one of the first furniture projects to use PurSoft® is currently in development. This particular project needed an additional ‘softness factor’.

PurSoft® will be part of BPI’s product range going forward, making it more likely that we will find exactly the right solution for your application. Have you been looking for foam for a product requiring an extra dimension of softness? Then PurSoft® is just what you need.

A product with a long list of benefits

PurSoft® is an ultra-soft, MDI-based polyurethane foam with a unique cell structure that provides exceptional comfort, high elasticity and optimal breathability. When you sit on a chair moulded with PurSoft®, the ultra-soft, elastic foam adapts and shapes itself to your body. Compared to cushions with polyester fibres and natural fillings, which can compress over time, furniture with PurSoft® stays looking good after many years of use: the material’s high elasticity ensures that no impressions are left after you have been sitting in the furniture. So, apart from the outstanding comfort, PurSoft® also adds extra refinement to the look of the furniture thanks to its ability to retain its original shape.

It is a unique material that retains its original shape and has a long service life, and the product feels soft and comfortable while providing maximum support. Compared to traditional latex foam, PurSoft® has the same elastic properties but is easier to process. Sustainable quality is a priority for BPI, so the product only contains environmentally friendly raw materials, and it complies with the Cal TB 117 fire standard without extra fire retardant additives.

The existing products in the family have the same strong focus on comfort, quality and the environment, and they are described in brief here:

  • PurFlex® is a flexible MDI-based polyurethane foam (PU foam), used primarily as padding in moulded furniture
  • PurCore® is a hard, MDI-based polyurethane foam (PU-foam), used primarily as structural support in furniture
  • PurFusion® is a fusion of PurFlex® and PurCore®. The technology is unique to BPI. When furniture shells are manufactured using PurFusion® technology, the structural element and the comfort element are combined

This means we are able to offer our customers a wide choice, and PurSoft® is another unique addition to our product range.

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