20. April 2022

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S introduces a new and exciting Biomass Balance approach for solutions with PurFlex® and PureXilence®

In the future, Bramming Plast-Industri A/S will only offer solutions where the polyurethane is based on chemicals from biomass as feedstock in the own-produced brands PurFlex® and PureXilence 3D® moulded foam. This is possible because of the Biomass Balance approach where Bramming Plast-Industri A/S contributes to bringing down the use of crude oil.

As an essential part of the ambitious sustainability strategy, Bramming Plast-Industri A/S has decided to offer sustainable raw material for the furniture segment, wherever possible. And it is possible with PurFlex® which is Bramming Plast-Industri A/S’ own-produced elastic moulded furniture foam.

“At Bramming Plast-Industri A/S, we have decided to disconnect our production from fossil fuels – it is the only responsible way forward. In 2022, we launch Biomass Balance to secure a certified product to substitute fossil fuels with organic waste streams,” Thomas Tvedergaard Larsen, CEO at Bramming Plast-Industri A/S explains.

”When we have the opportunity, we choose sustainable raw materials for our customers. Now we are able to do that with our soft, moulded comfort foam and technical moulded items – therefore, we have decided to go all-in on this solution. We strive to expand our solutions consisting of sustainable materials. Our target is to reach a share of minimum 50% of sustainable raw materials in our production in 2026,” Henrik Rosendal Rytter, Sales Director at Bramming Plast-Industri A/S adds.

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S has chosen a progressive strategy, and the target is to implement this approach to the remaining product program where possible.

Meeting the demand for sustainable raw material

A challenge within the global polyurethane industry is that the core chemical polyol and isocyanate origin from crude oil. With this new Biomass Balance approach, it is possible to fundamentally change the premise and use chemical based on organic waste as feedstock.

“For our customers to meet the increasing demand for sustainable solutions, they need to make sustainable solutions and adapt their strategy. When we offer this solution, it supports our customers to continue to be competitive within the global market,” Henrik Rosendal Rytter explains and adds:

“Most companies have been working hard on their sustainability strategy for packaging, upholstery etc. But the most significant change can be made in the actual product. We have a solution for this.”

Contributing to reduce the use of limited resources

Bramming Plast-Industri A/S’ overall sustainability strategy is to be a part of the solution – not a part of the problem. A step towards this is the Biomass Balance approach where Bramming Plast-Industri A/S and the customers contribute to reducing the use of crude oil and the general CO2 emissions.

“The solutions we deliver with the Biomass Balance approach are certified by impartial third-party, REDcert2 which secures that what you buy from us contribute to reducing the use of fossil fuels. This way, we contribute to a sustainable future,” says Henrik Rosendal Rytter.

In the long run, Bramming Plast-Industri A/S’ target is to convert all products to sustainable raw materials for which reason Bramming Plast-Industri A/S continuously follow the development and proactively seek sustainable solutions.

Be a part of our journey – secure your company’s competitiveness

Do you want to be a part of our sustainability journey, while securing your company’s competitiveness and supporting your responsibility and sustainable profile? Our sustainability initiatives support your growth strategy in the global market, which has high demands and needs for sustainable solutions,” concludes Henrik Rosendal Rytter.

What is the Biomass Balance Approach? Watch the video’s explanation of the approach: https://bpi.dk/en/sustainability/biomass-balance/

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